Ride to School

Do you want to help us to make riding and walking to school the norm again?

Are you a principal, a teacher, a student or parent, who is passionate about active travel? We need your help right now.

The Ride or Walk to School program (primary) is now in its fourth year. The It’s Your Move program (secondary) is just kicking off. We have an ambitious target to double the number of schools on these programs bringing the total to 108 ACT schools.

Anne Napier (CORC member) is working with schools to implement the program, but many schools need a little extra help to  see why they should prioritise active travel (and we know how busy they are). If your think your school should be on one of the programs and it’s not, or you want to be a community supporter drop Anne a line at  [email protected]

For more info or a full list of schools see: http://paf.org.au/

PS, it is all free, your school will get lots of support and it is all aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

RWTS and IYMSC are implemented by the Physical Activity Foundation with funding and support from ACT Health.

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