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2020/2021 Season


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Race reports 2023 season

Race Report 5 January

Mt Taylor Hill Climb 2023


New to Racing? Not new to Racing?

Great, dirt crits are for you.

Dirt crits are kids & novice friendly, but also offering enough challenge for experienced riders to ping against the rev limiter. We have a handicap format that ensures that everyone has a chance to win and everyone has a race at their limit. Kids races start in one block and are not handicapped. We hope that Dirt Crits will be held on most Thursday afternoons, although from previous years we anticipate that around 6 events will be cancelled due to inclement weather, heat waves, global pandemics or lack of organisers. To calculate overall results we count your best roughly 75% of races, according to the formula in our results sheet (results are available after round 1).

We ask that all entries are pre-entered to make it easier for us. If you forget then we can enter you on the day, as long as you have AusCycling card and $5 for us

For the Dirt Crit series, all participants must be AusCycling members. This includes all juniors. AusCycling membership ensures all riders are covered for personal accident and public liability insurance (including when not at Dirt Crits). AusCycling does have a four week free trial membership:  AusCycling | 4 Week Free Trial Membership


Please keep an eye on the CORC Facebook Page for links to online entries.

stromlo west

Photo credit: David Blucher


The CORC Dirt Crits are run as four races as follows:

A/B grade = approx. 20 min handicap race with riders starting at allocated times according to previous results. Fastest riders leave last.

C/D grade = normally 20 min handicap race with riders starting at allocated times according to previous results. Fastest riders leave last.

E grade = normally 1 lap long course or modified short course, suited to novices or younger more experienced juniors looking for a challenge.

F grade = normally on a technically easier course and suitable for juniors

Number of laps may be changed to suit course lengths. Anyone can enter any category. However, each participant can only race one category. The organisers reserve the right to request riders to change categories.

Scoring and call up

A rider’s best approx. 80% results count towards their season score using the following point system:

Result Points 1st 20 2nd 17 3rd 14 4th 12 5th 10 6th 8 7 th 6 8 th 5 9 th 4 10 th 3 All finishers 2 As with last year, riders will be called up to the start line before each race. The order of call up will be based on current running point scores, and handicap for the A/B and C/D grades.

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Photo credit: David Blucher


Australia’s best value race series:

$5 per race – to cover costs of the entry system, Stromlo Forest park usage, number plates, our basic first aid kit and end of season party and prizes. Payment is taken when you enter – if you scratch before the race, the entry fee is refunded. Free entry if you volunteer.

Dates and Times

Thursday nights from Oct 27th till end of daylight savings, depending on event restrictions, weather and other circumstances outside the volunteer organisers control.

Course set up from 5 pm. Organisers will be setting up course and available to chat. Look out for the Dirt Crit flags and check CORC Facebook for updates. Please note that we will not be monitoring Facebook for messages after 4 pm as we will be setting up.

F-grade: start at 5.50 pm

E- grade: start at approximately 6.00 pm

C/D grade start at approximately 6.15 pm

A/B grade start at approximately 6.30 pm

Please note that we will try to stick to time, but these are indications only. With low entry numbers or poor weather conditions, we may run C/D and A/B together.

COVID-19 Notice

We are taking COVID-19 restrictions seriously.
By entering these events, you agree to the following:

  • you will not attend if you have flu-like symptoms within 14 days of the event
  • you will social distance and observe COVID hygiene practices
  • you will follow all safety guidelines and directions of the event promoter

Questions or enquiries

The CORC Dirt Crit team can be contacted by email at [email protected]u

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