CORC manages a calendar of events for it’s members to promote CORC run events including; races, social rides and skills development. It is available to promote other events of interest to CORC members, this includes races run by other MTB clubs and commercial promoters. To list your events please email your event info to [email protected]. For commercial events the web master will contact you to arrange payment.


Not for profit events
MTB clubs and organisations’ running not for profit events are encouraged to submit their events for inclusion in the CORC calendar.
These events need to be:
  • directly related to mountain biking likely to be of interest to the CORC members
  • run on a not for profit basis
  • a special event (ie not your club’s regular races series)
  • be in locations our members could reasonable get to
 All events submitted will be assessed on their merits and selected events will be posted free of charge.
Commercial events
CORC does include events run by commercial promoters in the calendar. These need to compliment CORC’s activities and be compatible with our existing sponsorship relationships. This means that events that could be seen as direct competitors to CORC run events, like the Scott Australian 24 Hour MTB Championships, would not be considered. There are fees associated with advertising commercially run events. Small events, such as one of skills camps, are $25 per listing. Larger events, such as one day and 24 hour races, cost $50 per listing. CORC also has number of other promotional opportunities including; two banner style advertising spaces available on the homepage, Tweeter feeds and two popular Facebook groups. Please contact the CORC webmaster to discuss options and pricing.
Submitting your event
If your event meets the guidelines please sent your request for listing to [email protected]. Our event listing uses a template, because of this it is important you use the structure below. This make the web guy’s life much easier and means your event will be listed quicker.
Info required: 
  • Title (As you’d like it to appear in our calendar)
  • Body text (Key promo info for you event). For example “Have some fun whilst supporting this worthy cause. 100% of the entry fee goes directly to the main charity. Dinner is available from 6:30. We will have good food, great drinks and plenty of prizes up for offer. Bookings and payments should be made directly calling John Smith”. Please do not repeat information covered in the rest of the listing such as date, venue, or your contact info.
  • Date or dates if your event runs over a couple of days.
  • Start & finish times
  • Venue details (Venue name, address, city, state and post code)
Website address The site where someone can find more information about the event. Include if relevant.
Event organiser details A contact name for inquiries and at least one of the following: phone, email or website.
Cost for the event
Feature image or artwork Send us a clean version of the feature image. This can have logos of sponsors etc. However, the image should not have text overladed with event info such as date, venue, etc. This clutters the image and repeats information which is covered in the main listing. Images should be landscape format of at 900 pixels wide. Use a format such as GIF or JPG, please do not send PDF. Please make sure you own have permission to use the image.