CORC Gravity & Downhill

Enduro Gravity series information can be found here on the CORC Gravity Enduro Series Facebook page.

Downhill information, race calendar for 2019 and cancellations of races due to weather etc, is on the CORC Downhill Facebook page.


EliteHardtail (Junior)*
Veterans (30-39)Under 17
Masters (40+)Under 15
Hardtail (Senior)*Under13

Track Maintenance

Due to the nature of the Forest Use Agreement between the ACT Government and CORC, it is absolutely essential that no new tracks are built without approval. Any track work or maintenance MUST be cleared CORC. For safety reasons no track work should be undertaken on race days.


Do you guys need any help on race weekends?

Yes! The more help the better!

We are volunteers ourselves, but we need more to help with timing, track marshalling, setup/packdown. The quicker we can set up in the morning, the quicker you can practice. If you’re on the sideline injured, or mum and dad are hanging around, please come and see us.

Remember, those who help will be rewarded!

I’m under 18 years of age. Do I need Mum or Dad’s permission?

Yes we need to see some form written permission from Mum or Dad, unless you are already a member.

Do I need to register before I turn up?

No, just turn up and register on the day.

I’ve never raced before, what category should I race in?

We’ll work it out for you. Just turn up and we’ll make sure you’re in the correct category for both your age and ability.

I’ve never raced before, can I get some Down Hill tips?

For sure! Let us know when you turn up and we’ll help you out with registration right through to racing. If you’re after coaching, we can point you in the right direction.

What do I need to wear?

  • As a minimum you MUST wear a full face helmet and knee guards. (No exceptions)
  • Elbow pads and upper body armor is highly recommended
  • Hard soled shoes, gloves and long sleeve shirt are also highly recommended

Can I practice before registration?

Yes, but you must be a member. If you are not a member, make sure you register before heading up the hill.

Can I do any track work to build new tracks?

No. We run a working bee the day before the race to tidy up the track we’re racing the following day. The more people that turn up, the better the track is for racing!

I’ve only got a hardtail/ XC bike, can I race on that?

Absolutely! We make sure that all tracks have a “B-line” around any technical sections or big jumps. Everything is rideable on any bike.

Why has the schedule on the day been changed?

Unfortunately we are having to keep costs down for the events. Due to new requirements imposed on events held within the ACT, we’d prefer to keep the cost of club racing to a minimum, otherwise we’d have to pass them on to our competitors – you guys.

Shuttle days will see a long, spread out schedule on the day so everyone can get the most out of not pushing their bikes to the top of the hill.

Push run races, will see a condensed schedule. 2-3 hours practice, followed by racing.

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