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Development of riders and coaches across juniors and adults

CORC  Ride Better

Our mission at CORC Ride Better is to support you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence on the bike to get you out riding more. All our sessions are based in small groups, in a supportive, collaborative and confidence-building environment with likeminded mountain bikers – people keen to learn, share experiences and laugh.

Whether you’ve been riding for a while or are brand new to mountain biking, our courses can cater to a range of abilities. We aim to run six-week development courses at various times throughout the year (typically in Spring and Autumn) and we will also occasionally run Short Specific Skills (SSS) sessions focussing on various elements of mountain biking (Rocky Ascents, Obstacles, Cornering, Roll Overs, Drops etc).

Our coaches have worked with CORC for sometime now and are very experienced in knowing how to make a great experience!

If you have any questions regarding CORC Ride Better, our courses, or would like to understand how you can become more involved or volunteer, please email us at development.

CORC Adult Skills Program

The next CORC Adult Skills Program starts on Wednesday 19 February 2020.

We will be running a women’s only option and a mixed gender option this time around. This reflects a commitment from the club to encourage more women into mountain biking and is also in response to feedback from members and past participants of courses. These courses are primarily aimed at beginners and intermediate riders. Should you consider yourself to be an advanced rider and would like to have an advanced group considered please email development ([email protected]) to express interest and should we have sufficient numbers for such a group we will try to organise something.

Cost: $230

Starting: 19 February 2020

Where: Held at Stromlo Forest Park.

What: 6 week course for adult mountain bikers. Sessions will be 1.5 hours

Who for: This program is only available to adults aged 18 and over. We will have mixed gender and a women’s only option this time around.

Session times: Tuesdays between 6-7:30pm

Difficulty level: First timers to Intermediate

Registration closes 9pm on 17 February 2020.

Mixed Gender: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/93461484817

Women’s only: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/93462120719

This course is all about building your skills and confidence to get you out on the bike more, whether it be with friends, family or by yourself.

On the course, you will be grouped based on your responses on our registration questionnaire and after completing their initial assessments during the first session our coaches will then group riders by ability. Courses will then be tailored to those in each group and the areas of interest identified.

Courses will be held concurrently, so participants may be able to move across groups if necessary.

We have a ratio of 1 coach to 5 participants. We keep it small so the feedback is immediate and you have the opportunity to discuss your goals and needs with the coach.


Participants MUST be able to attend the first 2 sessions of the course

Coaches will offer make up sessions if sessions are cancelled due to weather.

It will be at the discretion of each coach whether to offer a make up session due to illness/injury.

Mountain Biking Australia Licence

All participants will need to have a valid MTBA licence. Participants may register for a free 8 week trial membership prior to the course commencing (free trial membership only open to those who have not held MTBA membership previously).

Cancellation policy

Participants will be reimbursed the full fee up to 7 days prior to the course. Cancellations within 7 days may receive reimbursement, if possible at the discretion of the organisers. Admin fees will not be refunded.

Course participants

We generally run mixed gender groups however we are want to see greater participation from women in mountain biking and so we also have a women’s only option available. While women’s participation is on the increase, more needs to be done  -this is a small part that we can play in this.

Mountain biking skills level descriptors

On registering, you will be asked to rate your CURRENT level on the basis of the following:

First timer

Brand new to Mountain Biking, but generally comfortable on a bike.

First time riding single track. Can ride a bike comfortably, reasonable balance, brake control.


Have spent some time riding on dirt, including limited exposure to easier green single track (e.g. At Stromlo – Brittle Gums, Fenceline, Rascals, may have also attempted loop 2 at Stromlo)

New intermediate

Have spent a reasonable amount of time on green single track and starting to ride harder single track with more confidence (e.g. Stromlo loop 2, Trunk Climb – Emu Run, ABC Switch Backs, Skyline, Luge – but may not ride all features or technical parts of the track).

You are standing when descending and moving between seated and standing positions while riding. May be exploring body-bike separation.


Riding blue trails (e.g. Stromlo Blue Tongue, Heartbreaker, Pork Barrel) but may not ride some technical features.

Starting to do (or ready to learn) some small jumps (e.g. Stromlo Duffy Descent table tops)

Starting to do (or ready to learn) manoeuvres, e.g. front wheel lift and bunny hop

Strong intermediate

Riding blue trails with confidence (e.g. Stromlo Blue Tongue, Heartbreaker, Pork Barrel, Magpie Rock, Slick Rock) including most features and obstacles.

Starting to ride black trails (e.g. Stromlo Blood Rock, Stromlo downhill trails) but don’t ride some technical features.

Can ride rock rolls (e.g. Stromlo Pork Barrel rock roll).

Doing small to medium jumps (e.g. Stromlo Duffy Descent table tops, Double Dissolution table tops) and medium drops (e.g. Stromlo Duffy descent drop)

Can front wheel lift over logs and bunny hop

Confidently riding bermed and off-camber corners

Short Specific Skills Sessions (SSSS)

Our Short Specific Skills Sessions (SSSS) are run on an ad-hoc basis, revolving around our availability and interest from you, the participants. We aim to run these sessions in 3 hour blocks on a single day, focussing exclusively on a specific skill or element of mountain biking.

Ride better with CORC