CORC  Ride Better

Our mission at CORC Ride Better is to support you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence on the bike to get you out riding more. All our sessions are based in small groups, in a supportive, collaborative and confidence-building environment with likeminded mountain bikers – people keen to learn, share experiences and laugh.

Whether you’ve been riding for a while or are brand new to mountain biking, our courses can cater to a range of abilities. We aim to run six-week development courses at various times throughout the year (typically in Spring and Autumn) and we will also occasionally run Short Specific Skills (SSS) sessions focussing on various elements of mountain biking (Rocky Ascents, Obstacles, Cornering, Roll Overs, Drops etc).

Our coaches have worked with CORC for sometime now and are very experienced in knowing how to make a great experience!

If you have any questions regarding CORC Ride Better, our courses, or would like to understand how you can become more involved or volunteer, please email us at development.