Cross-Country races are fun and open to riders of a wide range of abilities.

For XC racing some courses will be harder than others, and to make this clearer to everybody we have introduced a grading system. Easy, for the flatter, less technical trails (think Sparrow hill), medium for courses that have more climbing and technical features (think some of heartbreaker and little seymour) and hard for courses that are, how do we say this, just hard…(think cardiac and hammerhead).

CORC Junior riders at the start of XC round 3 in Stromlo West. Photo by David Blucher

2024 Season

Sunday, February 18, 2024CORC XC#1 – Cotter Pines
Friday, March 01, 2024XCC National Series Stromlo
Saturday, March 02, 2024U7-U13 XCC racing Strolo
Sunday, March 03, 2024XCO National Series Stromlo
Sunday, April 14, 2024CORC XC#2 – East Kowen
Sunday, May 19, 2024CORC XC#3 – Stromlo
Sunday, June 30, 2024CORC CX3, ACT/NSW Series
Saturday, November 02, 2024ACT XCC Championships – Majura Pines
Sunday, November 03, 2024ACT XCO Championships – Majura Pines
Sunday, November 24, 2024CORC XC#4 – Cotter Pines (different track)

Please note that races, dates and venues can change. Details about the races and entry link will be available online on EntryBoss prior to the events. You can also follow CORC on Facebook to get race and news updates.


This year we’ve decided to simplify things by going back to grades rather than age categories. We believe this will provide better racing by grouping riders of similar abilities together, irrespective of age. The concept is simple, and largely based on self selection, with a few rules:

  • To avoid juniors racing excessive lengths we have implemented minimum age limits to some categories.
  • Pick your category based on your speed and endurance. We will try to aim for the target race times below, but may adjust lap numbers based on the course.
  • Don’t race up a grade to try to get a longer race. The intent of these races are to be shorter cross country races, not marathon races. Once the leader in each category crosses the finish line all riders can complete the lap they are on, but not start a new lap.
  • Sometimes it’s not easy to know which category to choose. Don’t stress it if you get it wrong, you can always change category for the next race. If you race up or down on purpose we may kindly bump you up or down:)
CategoryTarget race timeTypical lap numbers Limitations
A Grade Men1:15-1:305U17 & older only
A Grade Women1:10-1:204U17 & older only
B Grade Men
4U15 & older only
B Grade Women1:00-1:103U15 & older only
C Grade Men1:00-1:103U15 & older only
C Grade Women0:40-0:502U13 & older only
D Grade Men
2U13 & older only
D Grade Women0:20-0:301 
E Grade Men0:20-0:301



All races are timed using the clubs electronic timing system and the results can be found by using this link –


  • Have FUN
  • Self seed and be honest
  • Be courteous at all times – there are other riders on track doing their best, it is only a club race so please be patient when behind slower riders. For example call out “track when convenient”or “rider” when approaching.  Wait until they respond with “on my left” or “on my right” before overtaking, once you have overtaken say “Thank you!”
  • Reports of bad etiquette, abuse, pushing riders out of the way will be dealt with by the parties involved and the Race Commissaire – we will not tolerate bad behavior at club races. Guilty offenders will be disqualified from the race and serve a 2 race ban.
  • Please follow the course, we do our best to mark the course with bunting and arrows. Please take great care with arrows as some of the race tracks have trail arrows and not CORC arrows. Do not take short cuts or stray from the single track or fire trail.  If you see a rider cutting the course, please let the Race Director know and the rider will be disqualified from the race.
  • If for any reason you withdraw from a race, please tell the Race Director
  • Don’t leave rubbish out on the track. Pick up your rubbish such as gel wrappers and drink bottles
  • If you see an injured rider please stop to help them, we can adjust your lap times to make up for any lost time.



CORC is run by volunteers and many hands make light work.  If you can help with any of the below please contact the XC Coordinator via e-mail [email protected]

Some of the duties you can assist with are:

  • Course setting/pack down
  • Rego/Timing area setup and pack down
  • Competitor registration
  • Starting races and timekeeping
  • Course Marshal

Thank you to all volunteers who have helped with the running of events over the last few seasons, your support is greatly appreciated.