CORC success in technical Armidale XCO rounds

XCO in Armidale
Jordan riding Ducats Rocks or as we Canberrans dubbed it “The Spine” & Charlie riding Mars Attack. Photo credits to Hixit and Russ Baker.

The third and fourth rounds of the MTBA national series were held at Armidale on January 28th and 29th. The third round was also an international event so there were multiple New Zealanders flying in and racing in the Under 19s and Elite categories.

The course was built specifically for the race and it was a perfect combination of fitness and technical skill that would help ensure a good race. The rock obstacles were challenging for many, and benefited the more skilled as the B lines took longer to ride. The most significant of these obstacles were “Ducats Rocks” and “Mars Attacks”.

These two rock sections were extremely difficult and very well made. Some of Australia’s top Elite riders crashed in “Ducats Rocks”. Stromlo’s “Cardiac Arrest” has another track to compete with.

All of the CORC Juniors raced hard with one or two riders unfortunately experiencing mechanical problems. Almost all the riders finished the races and they all tried their hardest. It was definitely hard to have back-to-back races, and good tactics really helped.

Cory putting in a big effort in the highly competitive Under 17 category. Cory came 4th in both races.

Along with two other large Junior Development teams the CORC Juniors and CORC members were one of the larger clubs participating; nearly fielding at least one rider in each category.

When we were not racing the CORC Juniors were handing out drink bottles in transition, cheering or relaxing and talking under the CORC tent. The atmosphere at the race was very pleasant with CORC Juniors and many others cheering for everyone throughout both days, making everyone feel good and keep on going.

The Race was extremely well organised by the Armidale locals. The locals were very supportive of the riders on track and helped in any way they could. They also had a wide variety of instruments for making noise around the track.

I cannot wait for the next race and I think coach Eliza summed up the weekend very well.

Results from round 3 is here.

Results from round 4 is here.

Photo credits to Hixit and Russ Baker

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