CORC needs your help!

As you know CORC is a volunteer organisation and so everything we achieve as a club is ultimately through the contribution of some great people.  Thanks to these people we do get some amazing things done but the there’s always more we could do as a club, if only we had a bit more help!

That’s where you come in!  in recent years CORC has undergone a pretty major transformation in the way we do things which has allowed more people to get involved in more activities which means even more for our members, but there’s even more we’d really love to do.

So right now we’re looking for some great people to help with the following key areas.

  • Membership coordinator
    • Ensure all members (current and potential) have access to all club and other relevant information they need
  • Merchandise Manager
    • If you love organising cool gear to help reinforce a sense of community, this could be you
    • Free uniform supplied! (comes with free hat and t-shirt)
  • Volunteer coordinator
    • Help our members find ways to get involved in the club, there’s so many ways,
    • You’ll get to write shout-outs like this!
  • Grants Manager
    • Are great at writing grant applications? There’s a lot more we could achieve with a little bit of the right funding
  • Schools Co-ordinator
    • Kids are the future of everything, including MTB and it’s the perfect sport for every kid. We have a range of people who can help us get MTB into schools in a more structured way but they need someone who can organise our programs
    • No MTB specific knowledge needed – we have those people, are you get at getting things (and people) organised and keeping them on track and on plan? Then you’re the one we need. We’ll give you the help, we just need someone to coordinate!
  • PR/Letter/Copy writer
    • A lot of the work we do, (and that we need to more of) is writing to various people and organisations. This could be to government, other cycling or recreational organisations or simply just engaging in topical discussions via social media channels. Having someone who can help us get the right message out in a timely manner makes it easier to do almost everything else.

What’s involved? Well it’s ultimately up to you, that’s how volunteering at CORC works, we all help each other in different ways to ensure we get the most out of everyone’s’ contribution.  This means will give you the help you need but will largely relying on you to do what you can, when you can.  We’ll help with the framework and details where you need it, but the how and how much is up to you.  Depending on the role, you’ll work predominately with the President or Vice-President but also other committee members from time to time.

If you can help in any of these areas specifically please let us know via email to: [email protected], or if you can help out in other ways, we’d also love to hear from you.

At the end of the day our club is really what we make it so if you can lend a specialist hand, we’d love to have your help.

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