With huge thanks to Ride Technics – MTB Skills Coaching, we’re thrilled to announce we will be running more skills sessions in 2016, exclusively for male CORC members (if you want in, you’d better join CORC!).

These MTB skills sessions will be at Stromlo Forest Park. Dates and times TBA.

Remember you must be a CORC member, if you need a day licence this is not for you.  All registrations are checked against CORC membership list to ensure we are given the best possible benefits to our members.

About the skills sessions

Details for the skills sessions are:

  • Who are the sessions for? Because CORC already run clinics specifically for women and juniors, these sessions are for men 18 years or older who are CORC members (click here to join CORC).
  • What level of rider do I need to be? Groups will be split up into different levels of ability, so you can be a total beginner, an advanced racer, or anything in between.
  • How many sessions will there be? Initially a 5-session series, one held each week through spring/summer.
  • How many spots are there? To ensure good coach-to-rider ratios, we’re limiting sessions to 20 riders total.
  • When? Held weekly from 17 November to 15 December.
  • What time? 5:30-7:00pm.
  • How long? Each session will be 90mins long.
  • Where? All sessions at Stromlo at this stage, meeting at the Pavilion, but we’re open to different locations if requested.
  • How much? $275 (up-front payment) for five very full and informative sessions. This covers park fees as well as insurance. We’re not offering a per-session option. Mainly because each session covers skills that lead into the next, so they’re designed in a sequence to get riders improving their skills across the board, in an ordered series of skill-sets.
  • What will be covered? These sessions are designed for XC riding and racing, not downhill racing. If you want to learn to jump 10 metre drops and do whips these sessions aren’t for you. If you want to climb, descend and generally ride faster, more safely and more efficiently we’ll cover all that and much more.
    • Session 1: Body positioning, dynamic movement on the bike and braking fundamentals.
    • Session 2: Cornering and advanced braking techniques.
    • Session 3: Riding techniques for speed, smoothness and efficiency (including pedalling, absorbing bumps, unweighing, pumping etc).
    • Session 4: “Race craft” (race prep, tactics, pacing, line choice…). Note this will be the day before the Stromlo club race, so we’ll use that course to implement these elements.
    • Session 5: Advanced riding techniques. Using the previous sessions as a foundation, we’ll put those together for a ‘fine-tuning’ session for improving your speed and smoothness on the bike. The aim will be to bring everything together with the right sequence and timing.
  • What do I need to bring? We recommend you bring the following to all your sessions:
    • A proper mountain bike in good working order. Tyres and suspension pumped up to minimum recommended pressures.
    • Food and water to keep you going – at least half a litre of water per hour.
    • Australian standards approved helmet.
    • Sunscreen and appropriate cycling clothing, including protective eye-wear and gloves.
    • Spare tube, pump and multi-tool.
    • An open mind ready to learn!



Dylan races for Trek Racing Australia and has nearly 20 years of racing experience. He’s won  countless national series races and represented Australia at the World Championships 7 times, as well as many World Cups. As well as 10 years of skills coaching experience, Dylan has raced internationally for years and won across various disciplines, including cross country, marathon, short track, road, and enduro. He’s passionate about getting people into this great sport and loves seeing people improve.


Also a member of Australia’s leading MTB team, Trek Racing Australia, Ben’s passion for mountain biking has seen him travel and compete around Australia and internationally. With plenty of racing and coaching experience under his belt, Ben has plenty to offer riders wanting to improve.

These skills sessions are being run with support from: