Wet & smiley Hill Climb Race

Rain, smile and laughter made for a fantastic end to the Dirt Crits season last Thursday with the famous Mt Taylor Hill Climb race followed by a BBQ party in Russ Baker’s backyard. CORC’s 30th birthday was also celebrated with cake and candle.

Due to heavy rain during the day it was uncertain if the Hill climb race would go ahead. Once riders had arrived it was decided to hold the race with Dirt Crits Chief Commissaire Tara at the finish line. Congratulations to Jordan Riddle who became King of the Mountain with the time of 16:42 and Zoe Cuthbert who became Queen of the Mountain with 17:31. No records were broken this year, but it was a heroic effort by all condenders.

The grade winners were:
A/B: Jordan Riddle: 16:42
C: Atticus Nolan Crisp: 19:51
D: Oliver Grande: 21:37
E: Martin Grande (who raced the half hill)

Thank you to Russ Baker for lending your backyard, Ella & Elin for cooking, DC bosses Tara & Mike & everyone who brought food, cake, smiles & laughter.

Photo: Russ Baker

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