Sunday’s XC Race is postponed

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CORC XC #4 Sunday 19 June in Sparrow Hill – Postponed!

Hello again all CORC XC riders – I’m sad to say that XC race at Sparrow Hill this Sunday is off.
I have discussed the situation with the TAMS Ranger for Kowen/Sparrow and he has advised me (after a site visit of Sparrow Hill this afternoon) that the trails are already completely sodden. This combined with the almost certainty of rain tomorrow (Saturday) and even more for Sunday, means that the only option I have is to cancel this weekend’s event.

Remember that decisions like this are an investment in our relationship with TAMS – we have signed up to clear rules regarding our usage of Kowen, Sparrow Hill and /Majura Pines in wet weather. This means we are seen as responsible and accountable for our activities with our sport.

I plan to reschedule Sunday’s race – so not all is lost. I’ll let you know when I’ve locked in a date

Please spread the word to your friends that Sparrow Hill this weekend is off.

Thanks for your understanding.




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