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The ACT Government has recently announced a plan to design a new mountain bike experience which will support the implementation of the Canberra Cycle Tourism Strategy. This is an exciting time for all things mountain biking in Canberra so have a read below of the media release and learn how you can get involved and provide your feedback! The CORC team will be involved as part of the Reference Group to contribute to the plans and strategy.

See the media release here or read below.

We will be looking at:

We want to know what you think will define Canberra as an exciting mountain biking destination and what features could be enhanced or created to improve mountain bike experiences.

Canberra is home to strong and growing mountain biking culture. Our region contains a unique diversity of trails that cater for everyone from professional mountain bike riders to first time riders wanting to improve their fitness.

You are invited to contribute ideas for creating a mountain bike trail network for our growing city. We will be considering existing mountain bike trail networks and thinking about their connectivity, identity and management. There will also be opportunities to explore options for new trails that enhance mountain bike experiences and consider our local environment and other users.

We will use your views to:

Your feedback will be used to help develop priority concepts to test with existing and potential mountain bike tourists and their families in surrounding NSW and Victoria.

Your ideas will inform the development of an ACT Mountain Bike Concept Plan. The plan will guide future management and development of mountain bike trails, and inform design for priority trails.

How you will have your say:

We are currently undertaking stakeholder consultation to gather ideas and develop a draft ACT Mountain Bike Concept Plan. A full public consultation period will be undertaken later in 2019 on the draft plan.

We are interested in hearing from a diversity of individuals including trail users of all ages and recreation types, competitive cyclists, tourism and cycle businesses, Instagrammers, photographers, artists, cycle tourists, nature lovers and more.

You can participate in one or more of the following ways:

  • Send your ideas for an iconic Canberra mountain bike trail network to us
  • Request an invite to attend one of several stakeholder workshops happening in 2019 to develop the draft concepts.

To contact our team, email [email protected]

Enjoy your ride and be responsible

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