Five Peaks Challenge

● 120 km or 83 km route options with all peaks
● 87 km or 57 km if all peaks by-passed
● You ride the hills, your partner does the flat
● Starts and finishes at Stromlo Forest Park
● Good food and support on the course
● Great way to see Canberra from the saddle

Climbs for you to conquer
(you can bypass any of the climbs)

  Vertical HeightAverage Grade
1Mt Stromlo160m4.5%
2Red Hill100m8.5%
3Mt Pleasant80m3.0%
4Mt Ainslie220m8.9%
5Black Mountain230m9.2%
6Dairy Farmers Hill100m5.0%

Five Peaks Challenge 18 April 2021
● A non-competitive cyclo-sportive event
● With great food stations and support available on the course
● A great challenge to ride the peaks of Canberra
● Riding all six peaks have a total elevation gain of 2,000 m on the longer ride
and 1,500 m on the shorter ride
● You can by-pass any or all of the peaks
● Your non-climbing partner can by-pass them all riding 78 km or 57 km

It’s a major fund-raiser for Woden Rotary and their supported charities:
● Sleepbus Canberra
The National Council of Women ACT is setting up a Sleepbus – safe temporary overnight accommodation to help homeless women, their children and pets get off the street.
● Australian Rotary Health
One of Australia’s largest independent funders of mental health research and providers of health scholarships, awareness and education.

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