Mitas Terra in the Berra

CORC are excited to announce that we are partnering with @mitas_tyres to present the Mitas Terra in the Berra. This event is a brand new 3 day Stage Race using the best trails in Canberra.

Mitas Terra in the Berra will be Canberra’s very first Mountain bike stage race event, and we are excited to see what the first year of racing will be like. Be sure to mark your calendars, you’re not going to want to miss this one! 29 Sep 2018- 1st Oct 2018.

Mitas Terra in the Berra is suited to all skill levels, and with the race covering roughly 110 km in total over 3 days, this will surely be a good test of the legs. This event can be ridden by all riders, from the most social riders to the fast and furious elite riders. For a detailed breakdown of each stage, please refer to the Course Overview. The Canberra trails do not need a high level of technical ability, and we will ensure the course is fully marked, so don’t worry you won’t have to rely on your own navigation skills!

Each day’s racing finishes at the event village with local businesses putting on a show, and plenty of food and drink to go around. We’ve designed the course so each stage is unique and challenge riders in different ways, with plenty of spectating spots and great photo opportunities, be sure to bring out the friends and family so they can cheer you on!

Update Thursday 27/9:
Race Registration
Race registration is available on each stage at the event Centre, we will not be hosting the race registration on Friday (tomorrow) due to a few external factors. Race registration is open from 11am on Saturday and will close 30 minutes before the race start. There will be plenty of us helping you register for the event on the day, however, ensure you allow enough time to register and not a few minutes before registration closes.

Competitor Briefing


Race Entry link: http://Mitas Terra in the Berra Entry Link

Mountain Bike Australia Membership

To be eligible to race every rider is required to hold a valid race membership with Mountain Bike Australia, either an Annual Race Membership or Race Licence.

Annual Membership: You must hold a valid annual membership to Mountain Bike Australia for the current season. You will need to enter your membership number at the time of registration.

Race Licence: If don’t hold a valid annual registration with Mountain Bike Australia you will be required to purchase at the time of entry (AUD$33 per day).

For more information about coverage please view the Mountain Bike Australia web page.


 All 3 Stage Entry:

  • $150 for Adults
  • $75 for Juniors

Single Stage Entry:

  • $60 for Adults
  • $30 for Juniors

Stage Details

STAGE 1: Green Hills Plantation

  • Distance: 30 km
  • Start Date: Saturday (29th Sep 18)
  • Start Time: 1 pm

STAGE 2: Stromlo Forest Park

  • Distance: 50 km
  • Start Date: Sunday (30th Sep 18)
  • Start Time: 10 am

STAGE 3: Majura Forest

  • Distance: 30 km
  • Start Date: Monday (1st Oct 18)
  • Start Time: 10am


Mitas Terra in the Berra has 6 Solo Categories, for riders of all skill sets! The categories are based on your age as of 29/09/2018.

Age as of 29/09/2018**

  • U19 Male and Female
  • Elite Male and Female
  • 19-39 Male and Female
  • 40-49 Male and Female
  • 50-59 Male and Female
  • 60+ Male and Female


After each lap the times will be recorded at the event centre; the fastest rider in each category wins.

All our races are timed with chip timing which is attached to your number plate. There are mats that record your time at the start and finish of each stage. Only ride over them if you have completed a full stage. Only your own number plate can be on your bike.

Number plates need to be attached to the handlebar of your bike; we provide cable ties at race registration. Make sure the number plate displays as flat as possible so that the race number is clearly visible at all times.

Want to keep track of your stage times?

We’ve got your back, we will have an area set out where racers can check their lap times. If you see a discrepancy, please notify one of our volunteers, who will be able to look into it and adjust times/lap numbers if necessary. But please be patient and wait for them to fix the error.

We will publish “preliminary results” as soon as possible after each stage, you can flag any discrepancies with our volunteering team if required.


This is a family and friends friendly event, and children are absolutely welcome! All venues are very family-friendly, there are spaces for kids to roam around and even participate in a kids race! We do recommend that you bring tents or marquees to provide shade on a sunny day.

CORC will be hosting a Kids Race for them to have some fun out on the trails, this will be a on the day registration, and will be at no cost to the parents. The children’s race will be held on Sunday at Stromlo Forest Park, as this is the most kid-friendly location.


CORC is run by volunteers and many hands make light work. If you can help with any of the below please contact us.

Some of the duties you can assist with are:

  • Course setting/pack down
  • Rego/Timing area setup and pack down
  • Competitor registration
  • Starting races and timekeeping
  • Course Marshal

Thank you to all volunteers who have helped with the running of events over the last few seasons, your support is greatly appreciated.


The legendary David Blucher will be out on courses taking those amazing shots and photographing your ride across all stages!

David is a volunteering photographer and doesn’t charge for his photos, and this is known to be a legend across all of Canberra. Please be sure to credit any photos to David Blucher.

All photos can be accessed via visiting his Flickr Account (Link below)

Smile & celebrate when you cross the finish line!

Keep your eyes open for further updates!

Photo Taken by David Blucher. Flickr Account: Talentspotter

Photo Credit: David Blucher. Flickr Account: Talentspotter

Photo Credit David Blucher. Flickr Account: Talentspotter

Photo Credit David Blucher. Flickr Account: Talentspotter