CORC Cross Country (XC) Series

CORC hosts the popular Cross Country (XC) and other club races throughout the year. 

The 2018 CORC XC Calendar is now updated on our online events page.

The XC series are lap based races with A Grade riders punching out 5 laps down to the Juniors riding 1 lap.  Tracks vary in length from 5km’s to 10km’s.  These races are for solo riders only and all rider levels are welcome.

Junior Categories

XC Series 2016

Instead of the category being just age based, we’ve introduced a grading system similar to the
adults, giving the juniors the option to race within their ability. So if you’re a fast 15 to 18 year old, you can now race in Junior A, with males completing 3 laps and females 2 laps.  Junior B is open to experienced under 13’s to under 17’s who might be new to the sport or just building their skills, with males completing 2 laps and females 1 lap.  Junior C is open to under 11’s through to under 15’s, with both male and females racing together and they’ll complete 1 lap.  Younger riders are welcome to compete. Please contact for further information.


Race Schedule

XC Racing starts with Sport A Men (5 laps) as close to 9:00am as possible; remaining categories then start in quick succession, working down from the 4 lap riders to the 1 lap group. The plan is to have all riders out on the course by around 09:45am. Usually all riders have finished by around 11:30am. The post race “story session” and socialising are a feature of CORC club races.

CORC will also host a 3 hour race for solo riders and teams of two where competitors ride as many laps in the allocated 3 hour time frame.  There are plenty of categories to choose from including Mixed Pairs, Solo Singlespeed and Junior Pairs. Tracks vary in length from 7km to 11km and are suited to riders off all levels. With random prizes given out before, during and after the race everyone is a winner.

Dates, times & venues

XC Series 2016

All races dates and venues are listed in the Events section.
Races are on Sundays, except for a few held on Saturday evenings during winter
Course opens for practice 8:00am and registration starts from 8:00am.
Racing starting at 9:00am and is finished by around 11:30am (for XC) and by 1pm for the 3Hr Race.

Entry fees

Please note that race fees are listed in $ per race

XC Series 2016

The following are indicative – see information posted for each race for details.

CORC 2018 Cross-Country Series

Senior CORC / MTBA members: $15 per race for XC Series;  $30 per race for 3Hr Series
Non CORC members: $20 per race for XC Series; $40 per race for 3Hr Series
Junior (under 17) CORC / MTBA : $10 per race
Not a member of MTBA?  Day licence is available. $25 for senior per race & $15 for junior per race for a day licence.

Start order and number of laps

5 laps 4 laps 3 laps 2 lap 1 lap
Sport A men Sport B Men
Vet Men
Sport A Women
Masters Men
Juniors A Men
Singlespeed Men & Women
Sports C Men
Sport B Women
Junior B Men
Super Masters Men
Juniors A Women
Sport D Men
Grand Masters Men
Sport C Women
Juniors B Women
Juniors C Unisex


The XC series runs 10 races per calendar year.  The rider with the most points at the end of the series will be the Champion. Points for each race will be awarded as follows in all categories in which there are regular competitors. You can only get points in one category, so ensure you remain in your category for the entire series.

Place Points Place Points Place Points Place Points Place Points
1 80 6 38 11 20 16 15 21 10
2 65 7 33 12 19 17 14 22 9
3 55 8 29 13 18 18 13 23 8
4 48 9 25 14 17 19 12 24 7
5 43 10 22 15 16 20 11 25 6

Race Results

All races are timed using the clubs electronic timing system and the results can be found by using this link –

Race Rules

  • Have FUN!
  • Self seed and be honest.
  • Be courteous at all times – there are other riders on track doing their best, it is only a club race so please be patient when behind slower riders.  For example call out “track when convenient”or “rider” when approaching.  Wait until they respond with “on my left” or “on my right” before overtaking, once you have overtaken say “Thank you!”
  • Reports of bad etiquette, abuse, pushing riders out of the way will be dealt with by the parties involved and the Race Commissaire – we will not tolerate bad behavior at club races. Guilty offenders will be disqualified from the race and serve a 2 race ban.
  • Please follow the course, we do our best to mark the course with bunting and arrows. Please take great care with arrows as some of the race tracks have trail arrows and not CORC arrows. Do not take short cuts or stray from the single track or fire trail.  If you see a rider cutting the course, please let the Race Director know and the rider will be disqualified from the race.

Important info for all XC racers

  • If for any reason you withdraw from a race, please tell the Race Director
  • Don’t leave rubbish out on the track. Pick up your rubbish such as gel wrappers and drink bottles
  • If you see an injured rider please stop to help them, we can adjust your lap times to make up for any lost time

Volunteering at races

CORC is run by volunteers and many hands make light work.  If you can help with any of the below please contact the XC Coordinator via e-mail

Some of the duties you can assist with are:

  • Course setting/pack down
  • Rego/Timing area setup and pack down
  • Competitor registration
  • Starting races and timekeeping
  • Course Marshal

Thank you to all volunteers who have helped with the running of events over the last few seasons, your support is greatly appreciated.

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